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DIY vs Hiring a Professional Concrete Cutter

So, you’ve got a concrete-cutting job and you’re wondering whether to hire a professional or try to take care of it yourself. In situations like this, a mate of ours likes to say, “When you’re sick, do you go to someone who knows a bit about medicine, or do you go to a doctor?” In other words, anything important should always be left to an expert! Below are seven compelling reasons why hiring a professional concrete cutter makes more sense than the DIY option.

Better Quality Work

Put simply, concrete cutting that you do yourself – especially for the very first time! – will not be up to the same standard as that carried out by a person who has done it on many occasions and really honed their skills.

Job Completed Faster

A professional concrete cutter will have the right tools and protective gear (all in good working order), and set up the workspace efficiently. They’ll complete the cutting without any need for “trial and error”, backtracking or consulting other sources along the way. Then they’ll clean up the workspace again just as efficiently. You almost certainly won’t.

Value for Money

Unless you don’t care about the quality of the finished product and don’t put any price on your own time, then having a pro handle your concrete cutting clearly represents superior value for money. Let them do their thing while you focus your attention on your own area of expertise.

Higher Level of Safety

Using a professional in this case means less chance of risk to anyone else. They will know how to ensure a safe workspace, e.g. using plastic water protection, mobile tanks and wet vacuums to collect (and remove) the slurry produced during the cutting process.

Not Limited by Scale

While you might be able to muddle through a small concrete-cutting project, what if it turns out to be bigger and/or more complicated than you first thought? A pro won’t be daunted by large-scale jobs, and will understand how to structure the work required.

Unbeatable Knowhow

What if a piece of equipment breaks down? Or there’s an unforeseen obstacle, or conditions suddenly change? Unlike an enthusiastic amateur, a commercial concrete cutter will have seen most things before and know how to calmly deal with them.

Full Legal Coverage

As well as possessing the necessary licencing and safety/awareness training, a professional concrete cutter will be fully covered by insurance in the unlikely event that there is an accident. A DIY cutter likely won’t have all of these things.

Need a Professional Concrete Cutter?

Breakaway Concrete Cutting & Drilling is SA owned and operated. We’re fully licensed and insured, and our accreditations include membership in both the Master Builders of South Australia and the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association of Australia. Our philosophy is to get every job done right – and right on time. To discuss your latest concrete project and the cutting work which may be involved, contact us on or by calling (08) 8349 6330.

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