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Most Effective Way To Break Concrete: Concrete Cuts vs Chemical Breaking

Most effective way to break concrete: Concrete cuts vs chemical breaking

Whether you’re renovating a building or demolition an industrial site, you’ll need to break up the concrete and have it removed. The most common techniques are sawing, drilling and jackhammering. But did you know, there’s also chemical demolition? But which technique is right for your project, let’s consider both:

Sawing & drilling

Using specialist sawing & drilling equipment to break up concrete is a cost-effective and efficient way to remove concrete floors and walls. It’s a traditional method and commonly used in the construction and demolition industries. This process can by performed on a diverse range of projects which include:

  • Demolition of concrete slabs
  • Asphalt / concrete road cutting
  • Factory floors
  • Driveways
  • Commercial & Industrial slabs
  • Runways
  • Trenching for plumbing or electrical cables
  • Penetrations in suspended floors
  • Expansion cutting of green concrete to avoid random cracking

Chemical concrete breaking

Though we usually think of breaking concrete with a jackhammer or concrete cutting equipment, there’s another way to get rid of concrete. It is the use of a liquid agent that’s designed to dissolve modern concrete formulas.

Deciding to go “the chemical route” when you’re removing concrete can be a smart way to get rid of a concrete floor without having to toil away at smashing things. Before you grab a jackhammer, you should consider the benefits of chemical concrete removal.


A chemical filler known as demolition grout, is used to break up concrete without the constant use of jackhammers or cutting equipment. This grout, when placed into holes drilled into concrete, will expand. The expansion causes cement to weaken and eventually break apart. Since the process is quieter than most other ways of breaking concrete, it’s a good solution for people worried about noise complaints. And also requires less manpower.

Is demolition grout safe?

A demolition grout can be dangerous if used incorrectly and is generally highly toxic. If not mixed or poured properly, it can lead to blow outs or small explosions. So, it’s best to leave to the professionals.

Still not sure?

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