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The Advantages of Chemical Concrete Breaking

The goal of this blog entry is to compare chemical breaking with traditional varieties using explosives and/or jackhammers, saws, etc. and thereby illustrate the benefits of chemical concrete demolition. As a quick recap, chemical concrete breaking involves drilling several holes in the slab in question, then pouring into those a chemical paste that expands (over a matter of hours) with such force it causes the concrete to severely crack and split.

Chemical Concrete Breaking is Quieter

While power tools may be applied along with chemical concrete breaking, the actual chemical process is silent, guaranteeing the overall noise resulting from the breaking activity will be greatly reduced. This makes it an especially useful technique in noise-sensitive areas such as sites near hospitals and schools. It could also mean a wider range of acceptable hours in which work is able to be carried out. Which leads us to the next point…

Chemical Concrete Breaking is More Efficient

Chemical breaking is faster than breaking conducted entirely with impact tools and more predictable/reliable than breaking achieved via explosives, potentially saving you not just time but also money on the project (due to less man hours). With explosives, there is also the matter of gaining the proper permissions for their use, which is another way in which that method of breaking may take longer. Finally, the cost of chemical concrete breaking is really not expensive given all of the advantages mentioned in this article.

Chemical Concrete Breaking is Work-Safe

Any application of explosives is dangerous, but it isn’t just that – chemical concrete demolition is inherently safe since, after the drilling and pouring phases, the slab can be left alone for the chemical process to run its course. Bringing in power tools after that is completed is also much easier for workers than using them from the outset on an untouched piece of concrete.

Chemical Concrete Breaking is a Good Environmental Choice

Reduced industrial noise is good for the environment. As is avoiding the inevitable spread of particles and dust caused by explosives, not to mention the vibrations they send through the surrounding air. To return to a point we made earlier, such pollutants and shockwaves also likely won’t be acceptable in the vicinity of hospitals, schools and the like – or simply in places where there is regular movement of people. Along with making the concrete debris easier to remove, chemical concrete breaking also makes worksites easier to keep clean, which is always an environmental plus.

Does Your Project Require Chemical Concrete Breaking?

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