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The Difference Between Concrete Grinding and Concrete Scanning

The Difference Between Concrete Grinding and Concrete Scanning

Since 1982, Breakaway Concrete Cutting & Drilling has been safely and efficiently completing concrete projects in Adelaide and around South Australia. Serving a wide range of commercial, industrial, civil and domestic clients, we’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry, while always keeping up with the latest technologies. At the same time, we realise that not everyone is familiar with all aspects of concrete work – for example, do you know the difference between concrete grinding and concrete scanning?

What is Concrete Grinding?

The easier of the two processes to explain to the uninitiated, concrete grinding is pretty much what it sounds like. The grinding can be done to take off tiles or remove vinyl glue from concrete, as well as to smooth raised edges and/or to prepare damaged concrete for resurfacing. As with all work undertaken by Breakaway Concrete Cutting & Drilling, these tasks are performed in such a way as to minimise any hassle for the client – in this case, using industrial-sized vacuums plus air catchers/scrubbers to ensure dust from the concrete grinding is kept to a minimum.

The benefits of concrete grinding are increased safety (less chance of accidents), improved look and feel, greater useability, and the fact it is a cost-effective way of restoring a concrete surface and thereby adding long-term value to a property. It’s also likely a nicely polished concrete floor will be a lot easier to maintain than what was there before.

What is Concrete Scanning?

Concrete scanning is something quite different to concrete grinding. Carried out by Breakaway Concrete Cutting & Drilling using a Conquest 100 ground-penetrating radar (GPR) device, it involves conducting a perfectly safe, non-destructive inspection within a concrete structure. As you may now guess, the purpose of such a scan is to detect steel reinforcing and/or live power prior to any cutting or drilling. Walls, floors and other slabs can all be scanned, with the GPR producing a 3D image of exactly what is present and where. If the customer requests it, this imaging can be combined with additional relevant information (site map, photos, expert notes) into a complete report relating to the planned concrete job.

The benefits of concrete scanning are maximising worker safety, saving time and money that would be lost due to mishaps, and creating knowledge that can be reused in the future. On that note, it is especially useful in the case of older buildings where no construction plans are available.

Your Best Choice for Concrete Work

Breakaway Concrete Cutting & Drilling is SA owned and operated. We’re fully licensed and insured, and our accreditations include membership in the Master Builders of South Australia and the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association of Australia. Most importantly, our focus is on getting every job done right and on time, so our customers never have to worry. To discuss your next concrete project, however large or small, don’t hesitate to contact us at or by calling (08) 8349 6330.

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