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How Professional Concrete Cutters Can Assist with Your Next Project

When you bring in expert concrete cutters to help with a construction job, they can do a lot more than just cut the concrete. At Breakaway Concrete Cutting & Drilling, for example, we offer a whole range of services related to this vital building material, some of which are listed – and explained – below. If any service sounds like exactly the sort of assistance your project could use, you’ll find our contact details at the end of this blog entry.

Chemical Concrete Breaking

This service involves demolishing unwanted concrete by first drilling a series of small holes into it, then pouring in special chemicals which expand with amazing force, splitting apart the concrete. The advantages of chemical concrete breaking are that it’s relatively inexpensive, doesn’t make all of the noise of explosives (though power tools are still necessary), doesn’t require the same special permissions, and is safer for workers and the surrounding environment.

Concrete Grinding

This service involves grinding down rough concrete to a smooth surface, with the final level of polish sought by the client determining the griding equipment employed. Done either wet or dry, concrete grinding can remove unwanted material such as tiles and/or glue, repair damage to a surface, bring a worn-down surface “back to life”, or prepare a new piece of concrete for use.

Concrete Scabbling

This service involves removing a thin layer from a concrete slab in such a way as to create a textured pattern. Concrete scabbling may be done purely for aesthetic reasons, to form a non-slip walking area (as opposed to smooth concrete which may be slippery when wet), or to give a rough surface for bonding.

Concrete Scanning

This service – often undertaken by concrete cutters before anything else – involves using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to look within concrete structures and then record the position of electrical cables, metal reinforcing and other foreign materials. Completely non-invasive, concrete scanning prevents worker accidents and damage to equipment, pinpoints the best places to cut, drill, etc., and may even reveal hidden weak spots in the concrete itself.

Additional Concrete Services

If we had room, we could go into more detail about concrete cutting, concrete drilling and concrete demolition. Suffice it to say that there are specific types of each of these concrete services – from the cutting of concrete trenches to core drilling to swimming-pool removal. If you’re ever unsure of the best way to tackle a concrete issue, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your friendly local concrete cutters. Whatever the problem, chances are they’ve seen it and solved it before!

Looking to Hire Reputable Concrete Cutters in or Around Adelaide?

Breakaway Concrete Cutting & Drilling is SA owned and operated. We’re fully licensed and insured, and our accreditations include membership in both the Master Builders of South Australia and the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association of Australia. Our philosophy is to get every job done right – and right on time. To discuss your latest concrete-related job, contact us by emailing or calling (08) 8349 6330.

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