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GPR Concrete Scanning


Breakaway Concrete Cutting & Drilling has the latest technology in concrete scanning with the Conquest 100 Ground penetrating Radar machine.

Our machine is designed to perform safe, non-destructive evaluation of concrete structures and provides rapid on-site imaging, for the detection and location of steel reinforcing & live power before cutting or core drilling. We use ground penetrating radar to provide accurate inspection of concrete structures such as floors, walls & slabs. We can do this up to 400mm in depth from one side.


A PDF image report will be done if requested, including site map, photo’s, screen shots of scanned images & a detailed summary of the job and locations of each scanned area.

Key Features include:

  • Line scanning for reconnaissance surveys
  • Grid scanning for detailed mapping with on-site 3D imaging
  • Power cable detector
  • Real-time location of embedded objects
  • Location of Post-tension Cables

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