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Cutting & Drilling


With Petrol, Hydraulic or High Frequency Electric options, cutting can be done through concrete, bitumen, brick or stone.

  • Hand held wall & floor sawing to 270mm in depth.
  • Floor/Road Saw cutting to a depth of 500mm.
  • Wall/Floor Track saw cutting to a depth of 720mm.


Breakaway can cut & remove concrete trenches to provide floor drainage or to accommodate the inlay of electrical and telecommunications services, PVC ducting or pipework. We can also pave over these to prevent moisture or breakage. We can cut through concrete or rock for trenches and break rock out for excavation. All concrete channel work can be quoted for cut only or cut and removal. The associated excavation work and labour can also be included.


Scabbling can be used as a non-slip surface. Grinding can be done for decorative concrete or to smooth raised edges. With these processes we use industrial sized vacuums to keep the dust to a minimum.


Core drilling is used by plumbers, electricians, soil samplers, fencing contractors & more that need a “nice neat hole” in concrete, brick or stone. Customers come to Breakaway for core drilling from 6mm up to 600mm in diameter to fit pipework, exhaust fans, air conditioning ducts all in concrete, brick or stone walls or floors.


Breakaway uses wet vacuums & mobile slurry tanks to contain the water/slurry that is produced when concrete cutting, especially on internal cutting. This vacuum ensures cleanliness & safety of the surrounding area as well as peace of mind for the success of the project. Full plastic water protection for ceilings, walls and flooring can be used to suit the customer’s requirements.

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