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Different Types of Concrete Cutting and Drilling

In this blog entry, we describe a number of concrete cutting/drilling services available from Breakaway Concrete Cutting. While many will be familiar with basic cutting, “core drilling” and perhaps grinding, they may not be aware of concrete scabbling and/or concrete trenching and why these are so important for certain projects.

Concrete Cutting

As the name suggests, concrete cutting is the act of neatly sawing through concrete walls, floors, etc. during construction, renovation or demolition. There are various sorts of cutters that may be used. At Breakaway Concrete Cutting, we are equipped with petrol, hydraulic and high-frequency electric options. We can perform wall/floor hand-held sawing to a depth of 270mm, floor/road regular saw cutting to a depth of 500m and wall/floor track saw cutting to a depth of 720mm.

Concrete Drilling

In contrast to concrete cutting where the slabs are usually being shaped to fit (or removed in sections), concrete drilling tends to be used to create openings for other applications, e.g. pipes, electrical wiring, fans, fence posts or merely for the purpose of analysing a sample at that point. This is referred to as “core drilling” and Breakaway Concrete Cutting is able to carry out concrete drilling covering diameters from 6mm all the way up to 600mm, to suit the application in question.

Concrete Trenching

Concrete trenching is a specific type of concrete cutting conducted when a trench is needed either for floor drainage or to house pipes, wires, etc. Breakaway Concrete Cutting is very flexible in this area. We can just do the cutting, or we can cut and remove. We can even pave over the trench for you to prevent moisture escaping from pipes, accidental damage to wires and so on. As with all of the services listed here, you really need to hire a professional to have concrete trenching done safely, efficiently and for an end result that looks great.

Concrete Grinding

Technically a form of cutting/drilling, concrete grinding is working rough concrete down to a smooth surface using one of various models of concrete grinder. A number of levels of polish may be achieved, depending on the intended purpose of the concrete and the preference of the customer.

Concrete Scabbling

Again, technically a form of cutting/drilling, if a very specialised one, concrete scabbling involves removing a thin layer from a concrete slab in such a way as to leave a uniformly textured surface – either to make a non-slip walkway, allow superior bonding with another material or simply for decorative effect.

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