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How Does Chemical Breaking Work?

How Does Chemical Breaking Work?

Chemical concrete breaking is a way of demolishing buildings and other structures composed of concrete. It utilises special chemicals that silently crack and split up the concrete ready for easy removal. Chemical breaking can be applied along with traditional demolition tools such as jackhammers, hydraulic breakers and concrete saws.

To go into a bit more detail about the technical side of things, a number of small holes are drilled in the concrete being demolished, into which the breaking chemicals are poured as a paste. This paste then expands over a matter of hours with an incredible force, causing cracking and splitting throughout the entirety of the concrete.

What Are the Advantages?

The advantages of chemical concrete breaking are that it does not require the use of explosives, is a silent process (although, as noted, it may be employed in conjunction with other demolition tools that do make noise), reduces the overall work time required on a project and is relatively low in cost. Chemical breaking also does not require the same sort of legal approvals as explosives.

Is Chemical Breaking Safe?

Yes. Chemical concrete breaking is a safe technique, especially when compared to explosives-based demolition. In fact, the high safety level of this technique could really be added to the list of its several advantages above.

When/Where Can It Be Used?

Because it is silent and does not involve explosions, chemical concrete breaking is suitable for very sensitive locations like airports, hospitals and schools, as well as for residential areas. Excessive noise, ground/air vibrations and dust are generally not acceptable in these locations, but none of those things are a problem when undertaking chemical concrete breaking. 

Is Chemical Breaking Difficult?

Not for a professional concrete-removal firm. The hole drilling needs to follow a specific pattern for maximum effectiveness and there may be additional complications when, say, submerged sections of concrete are involved, but a company experienced in concrete demolition will know exactly how to deal with any chemical-breaking situation.

Is It Environmentally Friendly?

Because chemical concrete breaking is such a controlled method, it is definitely environmentally friendly. Unlike with explosives, there is far less risk of spreading pollutants across the ground or through the air. A chemical-breaking job site is much easier to keep clean than a blast site.

But Aren’t Explosives Way More Effective?

No. Chemical concrete breaking gives a similar result without the unpredictability. It has been a popular alternative to explosives for those carrying out demolitions around the world for several decades, proven to work well in just about every type of situation.

Need Chemical Breaking Done?

Breakaway Concrete Cutting & Drilling is SA owned and operated. We’re fully licensed and insured, and our accreditations include membership in the Master Builders of South Australia and the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association of Australia. Our focus is on getting jobs done right – and right on time. To discuss chemical breaking or other concrete projects, contact us by calling (08) 8349 6330.

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